Urgent Injury Care: 4 Invaluable Benefits of Seeing an Orthopedic Specialist

Dec 13, 2023
Urgent Injury Care: 4 Invaluable Benefits of Seeing an Orthopedic Specialist
Millions of people every year go to get some form of urgent care to deal with immediate needs. Many of these problems can be managed by orthopedic specialists, so let’s have a look at what benefits they can offer for medical care.

Often, when people consider going to get help for a condition that needs treatment as soon as possible, a trip to the emergency room is the go-to solution. In fact, about 130 million patients made appearances in emergency rooms across the United States in 2021 alone. 

Urgent care centers care for people's immediate medical needs as well. Over 9,000 of them are operating in America, seeing at least 122 million people annually. 

But many medical practices also treat people with urgent care needs. Dr. Joseph Daniels and his skilled medical staff at Southwest Orthopedic Associates specialize in managing this service for people living in the Fort Worth, Texas area. 

To better understand the advantages of seeing our orthopedic specialist team for many of your urgent care needs, let’s look at what we do, what problems we can help with, and some benefits of our treatment options.

What an orthopedic specialist does

Though it goes under several different names, including orthopedist, orthopedic physician, and others, our job is to help treat a range of pain and mobility conditions that affect your entire musculoskeletal system. This part of your body is the broad term for the vast network of bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles, and other connective tissue that helps with how your whole body moves, and we treat injuries, diseases, and disorders that can damage it. 

There are different subspecialties in the field, but to help you recover we can offer many noninvasive options — as well as surgical options, if necessary — to get you up and moving again. 

Conditions they treat

Our field of medicine can help you heal from many different problems, such as 

  • Fractures: damage to bone from injury or accidents can lead to fractures and breaks 
  • Muscle strains: pulling a muscle doesn’t sound like a big problem, but it can lead to limiting movement and reducing mobility
  • Arthritis: inflammation of your joints can lead to damage in those areas that need care
  • Connective tissue damage: tendons, ligaments, and muscles can struggle with stretching, tearing, and pulling that compromise their effectiveness
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome: this pressure on the median nerve on your hand can limit your ability to use them for basic needs 

Advantages of orthopedic injury care

Here are some strong reasons to think of orthopedic care when it comes to getting urgent care treatment:

1. Wide range of experience

We have 30 years of experience in helping people with everything from sprains to joint replacements, using a variety of procedures and training options.

2. Nonsurgical options

This includes our physical therapy treatments, regenerative medicine options like platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and lifestyle changes to improve your health.

3. Surgical options

Procedures like arthroscopy and total joint replacement are options we use to help with joining conditions that reduce mobility and cause pain.

4. Rehabilitation services

Physical therapy, occupational therapy,  and other techniques to help you restore mobility, stability, balance, and strength in your limbs are also things we offer to help.

You can go to an urgent care center for a lot of reasons, but if it’s a problem orthopedic medicine can address, make an appointment with Dr. Daniels and Southwest Orthopedic Associates today.